SQL Cockpit Result Comparison with toggle feature

SQL Cockpit Results Comparison with toggle feature (Cockpit version 3.7 onwards!)

Cadaxo’s SQL Cockpit already had a feature to compare outputs of the queries. This can be accessed as shown below

Clicking on the highlighted button #2 above will direct us to the following „Data Compare – Mapping“ wizard

After selecting desired mapping, click on Start comparison button.

As shown in the following screenshot, we now have a new button (v3.7 onwards) on the menubar, „Toggle ALV Output“


Upon clicking this button, entries from the first and second tables are displayed on the separate lines:

In this „row-based view“, entries are printed on the separate rows.

Blank rows correspond to the missing entries in the outputs results.

Clicking on the toggle button again will restore column-based default view from the previous image

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