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Consulting Portfolio

Our consultants are on duty for our customers throughout Europe successfully for many many years. We have seen a variety of technologies and SAP applications coming and going. Our strength is that we have never limited ourselves to individual modules or areas. Our goal is to be always able to advise and implement the processes End2End. The classic […]

High Class Development

There is a big difference between development projects building up on existing coding and greenfield projects. Our own products, such as the SQL Cockpit, do not integrate in existing SAP application coding at all. This lead to products running on variable SAP systems and versions, […]

Value Generating Services

Our workshop series offer a very special benefit. We accept major issues and prepare them holistically. Prepared content at all levels, from end users to developers, fits and is assembled into individual workshop packages. Our workshops are build modular and can be adapted to your individual needs. Thus subjects are perfectly […]

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