Project Description

With this SAP Add-on it is possible to simply and intuitively insert emails from MS Outlook into SAP objects with GOS (Generic Object Services).

In many SAP projects there exist the requirement to implement some form of email integration. Depending on the solutions-approach, there are some existing solutions available to integrate mail systems, yet these are often out-dated, don’t cover the requirement and are more often than not too expensive. The challenge when creating the prototypes was to realise a generic, simple mail integration from within the SAP system. The emails should be added to existing SAP objects in it’s original format and lossless, with attachments.

A further requirement was the integration of MS Outlook and SAP purely from within the SAP client – this should be done while keeping the costs and complexity to a minimum.

The technical interaction between SAP and MS Outlook was realised with ABAP OLE. For visualization of the email inbox and other Outlook folders Webdynpro for ABAP was used. For the generic binding of the emails with the SAP standard objects the Generic Object Services (GOS) in SAP was utilized.

Project Details