Our development laboratory

Does a child learn how to play with a toy? Does he need a teacher? Or maybe a guide or a instruction? No, he just take the toy in the hand and play with it.

And that is exactly the way we do with new technologies, like SAPUI5 or SAP HANA. These things are kind of toys for us and we can think of nothin better than playing with this toys. As a result, great prototypes and even wonderful products arise!

Here is a selection of some of our demos and prototypes.

SAPUI5 Barcode Scanner via PhoneGap/Cordova

PhoneGap/Cordova is mostly part of SAPUI5 projects to implement und use special telephone functions. For instance, it can make SAPUI5 applications able to be offline.

This demo shows a SAPUI5 application which implements a scanner functionality on a mobile phone via PhoneGap/Cordova.

SAPUI5 SAP work process overview

Mit This prototype, which is especially optimized for mobile phones and tablets, shows die classical SAP process overview (transaction code SM66). The communication takes place over HTTPS and an own SICF node.

The interesting point about this demo is the automatic auto-refresh function. The refresh of the process overview takes every 5 seconds takes place.

It is pretty cool to watch the processes of a SAP system when you are on the move, for example in the metro.

SAPUI5 App to display ABAP CDS details without eclipse

At this time ABAP CDS Views can only be displayed and changed with eclipse. Sometimes eclipse is not always available.

With this SAPUI5 app important details about CDS Views can be displayed. You can look at the DDL definition or preview the data.

And that is the interesting point about this demo. Preview-data is available. Everything is completely dynamically! – From the select statement til the display of the data.

SQL Cockpit 3.0

Das SQL Cockpit 3.0 supports the new ABAP Open SQL Expressions and ABAP CDS Views, whisch are available since NetWeaver Release 7.40 SP5 and SP8.


After years the SAP has finally enhanced the ABAP Open SQL syntax with new features, like ABAP SQL expressions.


SAPUI5 App for sending pins to Pebble Time Watch

Pebble was and is still the key player of smart watches. In summer 2015 the Pebble Time was placed on the market, financed over kick starter. At the same time an API was released, which allows to receive direct messages (=pins) via the Pebble Service.

This SAPUI5 App enables to send pin messages to Pebble Time Smart watches directly.

Intelligent CRM bDoc Search

In SAP CRM it is a common scenario to search for bDocs for analysing or controlling purposes. But the standard search  in SAP CRM is not enough, because the content of the bDocs is not included in the search.

And therefore we got a solution. We created the “Intelligent CRM bDoc Search“. It is possible to search within bDocs. For instance, you can search for business partners, were new addresses have been added.

Because that a really helpful tool, we also use it while consulting of our customers.

HCP IoT - Raspberry

IoT (Internet of Things) is part of the 10 TOP IT trends in 2016. Because SAP offers HCP Services in the IoT area as well, we created a SAP HCP <-> Raspberry IoT-Demo.

The developer Harald Wiesinger explains in his blog post all important steps to implement a IoT service.